06 May 2010

Bavarian Barbarian – Barbinades 2x4 IPA

Bavarian Barbarian's founder and head brewer, Mike Hiller, is working on grilling recipes called "Barbarinades" featuring each of the brewery's beers.  The first Barbarinade, using the Barbarian's new 2x4 India Pale Ale, was completed with the help of Libby Wagner, Head Chef of The Lewisburg Hotel in Lewisburg, PA, and was featured as a special item on their menu this week.  The 2x4 Barbarinade can be used on steak, chicken or pork and sports a flavorful, zesty, almost Caribbean kick in the grilled meat.  Other Barbarinades are currently in development including a recipe based on French Onion Soup featuring Hammerin' Ale, a barbecue sauce using Headbangerz Brown Ale and a chocolate mole sauce with Steel Drivin' Stout.  For assistance on the remaining recipes, Mike is enlisting the help of other local chefs to collaborate on formulating tasty recipes with ingredients available at any grocery store.  The recipes will be distributed on Bavarian Barbarian's website (www.bavarianbarbarian.com), the brewery's Facebook page, beer festivals and tastings, their tasting room and anywhere that Barbarian bottles are sold.

Also in Barbarian news:

Bavarian Barbarian Brewing Company's beer will soon be available at Weis Markets in Sunbury and Lewisburg.  Bomber bottles from the Barbarian should begin appearing on the shelves in the coming weeks.  Sales will begin once the beers have been entered into the grocery stores' systems and competing distributors graciously clear space for the incoming bottles of Hammerin' Ale, Headbangerz Brown Ale, Steel Drivin' Stout and 2x4 India Pale Ale.  In addition to Weis Markets, the Wegmans market in State College will also start carrying Barbarian beers in a few weeks.