10 December 2009

Bavarian Barbarian – Concert/Beer Tasting

BB_axeCourtesy of pcmsconcerts.org:

Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert… it doesn’t take much more than a quick scan of our programs to see why Germany and Austria are considered the cradle of classical music.  But these countries are responsible for another of life’s great cultivated pleasures:  BEER.  Isn’t it about time these two great regional accomplishments were brought together?

If you love a good pilsner as much as a great pizzicato, I have good news for you.  We’ve teamed up with Bavarian Barbarian Brewing Company — one of Pennsylvania’s newest and best craft breweries — for a joint concert/beer tasting on Tuesday, February 23 at the Philosophical Society.  Come out and hear the outstanding Grammy-nominated violinist Jennifer Koh perform Mozart and Schubert, and enjoy a sampling of Bavarian Barbarian’s classic Euro-inspired ales at intermission!

If you can’t wait until February to try Bavarian Barbarian’s brews, Brahaus Schmitz on South Street is currently pouring their delicious brown ale, and you can always find them at Bavarian Barbarian headquarters in Williamsport.  Bottoms up!