26 August 2009

Bavarian Barbarian – Our help…

BavarianBarbarianLogoI’ve watched as Mike Hiller and his wife Kira have lived the “dream” of most beer lovers and all home brewers.  Mike turned a hobby of home brewing into a full-time job and opened Bavarian Barbarian.  This is no small feat and certainly one of personal and financial risk, but Mike followed what he loved and opened BB.  Now word comes that despite his best efforts, despite wonderful bottle sales and despite overall sales being up, Bavarian Barbarian is struggling financially.

I write this in the present tense because we should be thinking that way.  All too often we react late and we support something we love only after it is gone.  There have been many casualties in this economy, and I write this in the name of Bavarian Barbarian NOT becoming another one of them.

As beer lovers we are a community and a community should support our friends and our beer family.  As Mike & Kira continue to fight and struggle to keep BB alive, I simply ask that you, as beer lovers, join the fight with them.  Please stop by and pick up some Bavarian Barbarian bottles or growlers, attend BB events, pick up some BB swag and do as I do right now and ask our local beer bars and mybeerbuzz members to seek out BB to run on tap.  Cheers to Mike & Kira…fight the good fight.

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