20 June 2008

Updates from Mike @ Bavarian Barbarian

Just a little snippet from Mike about the current and upcoming beers @ Bavarian Barbarian:

I will be delivering our first shipment of Hammerin' Ale, Headbangerz Brown Ale and Weldspatter IPA to Westy's early next week. I'm trying to figure out which day. We've had the Weldspatter IPA out since early May and most everybody enjoys it. It is definitely more of a British style IPA. 44 IBUs of Phoenix, Nugget and Pilgrim hops, so it is decidedly more spicy than floral or fruity. Our Square Feet Wheat will be finishing fermentation this weekend while I'm slingin' beer at the Harrisburg Festival. I wanted to finish it before then and debut it at the festival, but scheduling just didn't work out that way. The German raspberry and woodruff syrups to accompany the Square Feet Wheat are being delivered today. Frankly, I can't wait. Early taste tests from the fermenter are very promising. It'll be a good stand-alone wheat beer, but with those syrups added to the glass, I think it'll be really something else.

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