25 June 2008

Bavarian Barbarian Releases New Beer...Not

From Mike Hiller:

Oops...Never mind. I spoke with Mike today (6/26) and he was not happy with the Square Feet Wheat. The entire batch will be dumped down the drain and he's reworking the recipe. Stay tuned !

I haven't written a press release yet, but I just transferred the Square Feet Wheat to the finishing tanks to carbonate and it should be finished by tomorrow. So far, it tastes pretty good. Preliminary taste tests with raspberry and woodruff syrups have been promising. The wheat beer itself is decent. I was originally going to go for a true Berliner Weisse, but handling a bacterial yeast is much to advanced for our facility right now. That being said, the wheat beer is a pretty standard one - a slight tart finish, but not really packed with flavor. It's definitely a nice vehicle for the syrups.

Square Feet Wheat is loosely based on a Berliner Weisse style of beer from Germany. It has a refreshing, yet slight wheat and malt sweetness that is supported by a distinct hop presence. On hot Summer days, Square Feet Wheat will cool you off. Bring it along to pool parties, picnics and backyard cookouts. Instead of a boring wedge of lemon or orange, try Square Feet Wheat with a splash of raspberry extract or a dash of essence of Woodruff – both a customary addition to Berliner Weisse beers in Berlin

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