28 May 2008

Bavarian Barbarian Does Take Suggestions.

Mike Hiller is always open to suggestions for seasonal beers. Feel free to e-Mail Mike directly with your suggestions, or send them to me and I'll forward them to Mike.

20 May 2008

Bavarian Barbarian Keg & Growler Memorial Day SALE!

From Mike Hiller:

The Bavarian Barbarian Brewing Company would like to announce that we are selling our kegs and growlers at a 25% discount for the Memorial Day Weekend. We heard on the news that fewer people will be traveling for the holiday weekend because of gas prices. So, we figured if people are staying home to save money on gas, why not extend the opportunity for people to save money on beer, too. The discount keg sales begin this Thursday, May 22nd and run through Saturday, May 24th. We're extending our hours to 8pm on Thursday. Saturday's tours are still scheduled for 4pm and 6pm as usual. For contact and location information, visit the website at www.bavarianbarbarian.com.

08 May 2008

Weldspatter IPA Now Available

Looks like Mike got the Weldspatter IPA up and ready for tasting. Congratulations Mike!

Click HERE for details.

In addition to the Horder Room at bavarian barbarian, Weldspatter IPA is also available at B21 & Kimball's in Williamsport.