20 April 2008

mybeerbuzz.com Welcomes Bavarian Barbarian Brewing Co

Cheers and welcome to Bavarian Barbarian Brewing...now officially participating with mybeerbuzz.com. Welcome aboard...the beer loving community Thanks you!

16 April 2008

Bavarian Barbarian Sampling @ Bull Run Inn - April 22

Head Brewer Mike Hiller will be giving out samples of Hammerin' Ale and Weldspatter IPA from 9PM -11PM

NOTE: The brewery will be closed on April 22nd

08 April 2008

Name That Beer Winner Weldspatter IPA Delayed

Bavarian Barbarian brewery runs a contest each season to name/design a beer. This season's winner Weldspatter IPA will be delayed from it's April 11th scheduled release. Apparently the first batch suffered a filtration issue that removed the IPA's hoppy character and the brewery has decided NOT to release it as scheduled.

For the latest details Click Here

06 April 2008


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