04 February 2012

Bavarian Barbarian Brewing Co - Closing!

imageI’m sad to report that Bavarian Barbarian Brewing Co in Williamsport is closing it’s doors.  A profound thank you to Mike & Kira Hiller for everything they’ve done for the local beer community as well as my website and radio show…I will miss Bavarian Barbarian a great deal.  Cheers to you both for a wonderful venture….you should both be proud of what you created. 

This news from Mike Hiller:

I am profoundly sad to report that Bavarian Barbarian Brewing Company is closed. We have worked extremely hard for the last four years to make the Barbarian a thriving, dynamic brewery and we owe whatever success we've enjoyed to our friends, family, bar and restaurant friends, wholesale partners and all you Barbarians out there.

My wife, Kira, and I want to thank you all for the support, encouragement and enthusiasm that you've shown us. We both regret that we will not be able to spend time with you in our tasting room, see you at the festivals and share our beers with you. Indeed, one of the most rewarding and fulfilling aspects of our Barbarian experience has been meeting and building friendships with so many awesome people. We put a lot of love into our beers and our business and we're grateful for the love we got in return.

While our enterprise is ending in disappointment, I am still very proud of what we've been able to accomplish. From the thrill of seeing our beer poured for the first time in a bar four years ago to the delivery of pallet-loads of beer to our wholesalers just weeks ago, I am happy to report that in between we've seen many more ups than downs.

We take great pride in being successful in the one thing that was most important to us: that you all enjoyed our beer in good times and with good friends. We're happy we could be a part of your lives, if even for just a short time.

Thank you and we wish you all the best!

07 October 2011

WILK Friday BeerBuzz–7 Oct 2011 Bavarian Barbarian Grumpy Pumpkin w/Mike Hiller

WILKFridayBerbuzz8In July of 2010, the Friday BeerBuzz welcomed it’s first in-studio guest on the show…in Oct 2010 that same guest returned for one of the shows that earned the Friday BeerBuzz the PA Association of Broadcasters award…so today I was excited to have him return again as our first 3rd-time guest!  Mike Hiller from Bavarian Barbarian is always fun to have on the show, and today was even more exciting because of the special beer Mike brought up to sample.

imageGrumpy Pumpkin Imperial Porter is a new fall seasonal from Bavarian Barbarian Brewing, and quite a non-traditional one at that.  We’ve sampled pumpkin-based beers before, but never a pumpkin porter.  This brew had a great subtle pumpkin flavor laying on a perfect porter backbone and a big Imperial ABV & flavor.  The spices and notes of vanilla are also subtle, but in balance with all of the other flavors.  This is a very drinkable fall beer, but keep in mind the big 9% ABV may sneak up on you…but I guarantee it will make you far from Grumpy.

Check out Bavarian Barbarian Grumpy Pumpkin Imperial Porter for yourself before it’s gone.


to Mike Hiller from Bavarian Barbarian, Nancy, John, Joe, and Bosco for yet another fun Friday. 

The Friday BeerBuzz…bringing good beers and good people together

As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday BeerBuzz page by clicking HERE.

10 September 2011

Bavarian Barbarian - Grumpy Pumpkin Imperial Pumpkin Porter

Here's an interesting keg label from our pal Mike Hiller @ Bavarian Barbarian Brewing called Grumpy Pumpkin Imperial Pumpkin Porter (ale brewed with pumpkin & spices).  No word on ABV so stay tuned for details.

17 March 2011

Bavarian Barbarian–Rock On, Flannel and Beard & Grease Monkey Ale

image image image

We’ve been showing off new brews from Mike & Kira @ Bavarian Barbarian Brewing.  We brought you Twisted Steel Ale and Melting Snow last week so it’s exciting to bring you more.  Today we have three new 1/2-barrel keg packages:  Rock On (a Roggen Bock beer), Flannel & Beard (a Weizenbock) and Grease Monkey Ale.  I assume these are all one-off keg-only beer but I’ll see what Mike has to say.

10 March 2011

Bavarian Barbarian–Melting Snow


I’m always excited to report a new brew coming out of our local family of brewers.  Last week we were the first to show you Bavarian Barbarian Twisted Steel (Steel Drivin’ Stout aged in bourbon barrels), and now I’m even more excited that Mike is getting even more use for his bourbon barrels.  Today I bring you Melting Snow.  This looks to be Mike’s First Snow ale aged in bourbon barrels and packaged in 22oz bottles.  Stay tuned for more details, but I can’t wait to try this one.

01 March 2011

Bavarian Barbarian–Twisted Steel Ale Aged in Bourbon Barrels & Bulldozer


Looks like Mike & Kira have been busy at Bavarian Barbarian and I’m excited to be the first to show off two new brews.  The first is Twisted Steele Ale Aged in Bourbon Barrels so it looks like we’ll see another exciting barrel-aged brew like the previous Bullfrog Brewing co-brewed Gothika make it into bottles in the future.  I’d love to see the barrels used for Gothika see another brew pick up that great flavor.

(3/7) Twisted Steel is now on tap (Steel Drivin' Stout that's been aging in oak barrels for several months).

imageNext up we have what looks like a one-off keg-only specialty ale called Bulldozer Golden Ale.  Stay tuned for details on both of these new and exciting brews from Bavarian Barbarian.

27 January 2011

Bavarian Barbarian–Square Feet Dunkelweizen Coming Next Week & New Beers in the Future!

BavarianBarbarianLogoI just heard from Mike Hiller @ Bavarian Barbarian brewing in WIlliamsport and I have some Exciting news.  Mike tells me their seasonal Square Feet Wheat Dunkelweizen will be coming out next week.  This will also be the first release in a series of special batches and seasonals that Mike will be brewing this year.  While much of the planning is still in progress, Mike tells me they looking into some Belgian styles, some bocks, some pilsners and maybe even another collaboration brew with the Bullfrog….so stay tuned here for details.  Mike also tells me the barbarian is planning to expand distribution efforts to include more activity in Northeastern PA and Harrisburg which is very exciting to hear.  Congrats Mike & everyone @ Bavarian Barbarian.

19 January 2011

Bavarian Barbarian Square Feet Wheat Dunkelweizen is in the Tanks.

Mike tells me he’s brewing up another batch of the winter Square Feet Wheat Dunkelweizen, so watch for an upcoming announcement when it’s ready.

05 January 2011

Bavarian Barbarian–First Snow Bottles !


We brought you this news a week or two ago so I’m excited to be the first to show off the new label approved for Bavarian Barbarian First Snow Ale 22oz bottles.  I just spoke to Mike and he tells me the current batch of First Snow has been used for kegs so look for the bottling run to occur in March.  Congratulations to Mike Hiller for getting this great beer out to a larger audience.